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Big Mini

I picked up some more when they were on sale. The Big Mini is my favorite size.

Gravity Picks are the best!

I love these picks. The 2mm and 3mm are both wonderful to play with.

Gold Picks Mini
John Toner
Best picks I have used 🙂

Cost be damned, I like them :)

My favorite pick ever

I just want to say that since I have been using the light blue Classic Standard 2 I have never wanted to use anything else. The feel and sound is amazing. I have started using them on acoustic guitar too and love the tone it seems to bring out. I used to use a Jim Dunlop 1mm but never use these anymore. It took a samall amount of time to get used of a stiff pick but now I wouldnt want to play without one. Thanks Gravity for making this supprzingly good product!

Alan Powers
Great Picks!

Received my picks yesterday and I am very pleased with them!

Great picks

Everything you said that they would be

Tim Lockman
My favorite picks!

So glad I discovered these picks through buying JHS pedals. They're perfect.

Warm tone

yellow 1,5mm on telecaster and 335. i play clean. this pick have a very warm tone, glide on strings very well. in one month no wear, i don't push too much on the strings, i guess a long life to this pick. "the pick is the first eq in the chain" and this make warm your sound. for more aggressive and brilliant you can use the acrylic.

Quietest Picks

The rounded top and big mini size fits my hand. Useful for acoustic/electric playing.Smooth sound, no high end sizzle.

Joey Lucente
New favorite picks!

I really love the 003 in the size mini, unpolished edges and 1.5 mm - perfect!

Packaged Deals
Robert Richards
Excellent deal!

The package deal was a great way to sample several Gravity picks. It allowed me to determine which picks work for me and the cost was very reasonable.

Gravity Classic. XL. 1.5

Excellent for my big hand and get me the stroke I want for tone

Phenomenal picks

Sets a new standard

Received a freebie Gravity Sunrise 1.5 with a pedal I purchased. I didn't notice the pick until I went through the box when selling the pedal and thought I'd give it a try. Wow! My acoustic guitar came to life, it went from muddy and dark to resonant and clear! I A/B'd it against every pick I had and nothing comes close to improving the projection, volume and individual note clarity that the Gravity pick did. I quickly bought 4 more so I won't be without. Yes, they're a little more expensive but once you experience the difference, it's a small price to pay for the enhancement in tone and pleasure I get from playing my guitar!


feels nice in the hand

Great pick with my mandolin

I bought this pick along with a 3.0mm Stealth to use with my mandolins. I love how these picks slide off the strings. With my attack and picking characteristics I get crystal clear, almost bell like chime in the treble end that I absolutely love.


I liked my classic one. I got a big mini to see the difference, it is very cool to have one smaller. Maybe an in between the two would be even nicer.

Warren Payne
Love Gravity Picks

I’ve been using Gravity Picks for many years, but wanted try a larger pick. Shopped the Acrylic Custom Shop and found the perfect picks. I am really happy (as always) with the quality, tone and really fast delivery.

Acrylic Picks Standard None
Michael Koschorreck
Thicker even better

I have been a fan of the Stealth Standard 2 with Gripholes, recently I accepted your discount offer of Striker Standard 3 without gripholes and I like them even better. Sounding a bit darker and even thicker and having less of a high frequency click noise when touching the string they are my absolute favourite now when jazzy sound is needed. Plus the orange colour reduces fear of losing them on stage.

My standard picks now

Having had a lot of picks throughout the years, I think I'll stay now with gravity picks. I love their interaction with the surface of the strings.


Indispensable Tone Device!

Jamie Knapper

Only downside? I can’t go back to normal picks now.

Love these picks on my mandolin

I purchased a stealth and a striker-speed bevel, both in 3mm, standard. Absolutely love them on my mandolins. For me, on my mandolins, with my pick attack, the instrument has this crystal clear punch on the treble end that I wasn't getting before that I really like. I love the feel of the material in my hand. The striker-speed bevel slides off the strings so smooth, but the stealth is clearer sounding. I had been using a 1.5mm Dunlop Primetone. The standard size of these two picks are slightly smaller than the Primetone, so I will size up the next time I order.

Picks Do Make A Difference