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razer 1.5mm

i will keep this review far i like the razer 1.5 along with the 003 mini 1.5.
the sharp point on the razer gives you a presise picking point on the glide along effortlessly.the polished edge greatly improves speed.i really think these picks makes you a better player.
practice practice practice!!

Best picks ever made

Love these all other picks are obsolete.
My design by me for me.
Gravity Custom Shop is primo.

Love it

I love it Does your point is more attack

Siwei Yu


Barry Nichols
I got xl size by mistake.

It was my fault. I wanted a mini but I obviously dis-clicked while ordering. Bummer! 😢 Proablly won't use it. At least I haven't yet.

Great Pick

Awesome feel and sound. Very nice string feedback. Well made. Try one!

Variety Pack
David Connally
Great picks. Nice assortment.

I like these picks. They feel good in my hand, work well and the assortment gives serious thickness options to try out. Worth every penny. I’m impressed.

Axis - Polished Bevels
Nathan Wilson
Best Picks Out There

Been reviewing Gypsy Jazz picks for my YouTube channel and Gravity is now my go to pick of choice. Amazing customer service and craftsmanship. Highly recommended.


Great Pick

Feels good and seems very durable. Like the tone I am getting with it. Been my number 1 since I got it.

Best of all

For me, the 2mm or 3mm Edge unpolished standard are the best of all. I love the sunrise and the triangular picks and have both in acrylic and gold, but the Edge edges it for me… wide birth at the top and tight sharp tip allows me to float the wrist and play rapid loud lines on acoustic or electric… wish they’d come up with a gold series version tho…

Thin Picks
Tibor Frei
Game changer

Got the variety pack to try them out because a friend recommended them. And holy hell they're nice to play, they just glide through the strings so smoothly and fast. It's incredible, completely changed my playing in an instant. TRY THEM!

Striker Gold
Will Brahm

Hey there, I always love your picks but unfortunately the gold is very very rough around the edges. Perhaps just a stylist deign choice. AnywaY, always appreciate your work!

Perfect for large hands

I can't use regular picks these were invented for my ham hands and the tone and extra volume is like no other. So lucky to have this available

Great pick, dark sound

This pick feels amazing, but the pick sounds really dark. I've never had a pick that affected my tone as much as this one does. That might be useful to tame a bright guitar, but it isn't what I'm looking for.

I like the pics, but got the wrong ones.

I have no problem with the guitar picks, but when I told him I got the wrong ones, He said he'd send me some new ones and it's been almost 2 weeks. It took 4 days for the first ones to get here. I've been friends with Chris Fahey for a long time, but whoever's in charge of this doesnt know his butt from a hole in the ground.


Very Good

Great picks

These picks are another level above anything else I've used. I never thought I'd be willing to pay 5 or more dollars per pick, but these are totally worth it. The feeling of using them is superb, you'll get tonal improvements, and they just simply last longer.

'to polish or not to polish' that is the question! 003 mini jazz.1.5

i have been an avid dunlop jazz pick user,black,ultex,primetone etc.
i actually do not remember how i found this company but so happy i did.i am one of those guys that tries everything pick and string wise till im happy.G.A.S.!! anyone,anyone!
so i ordered from the custom shop polished and unpolished picks with my own after several days of going back and forth between picks and sometimes going back to the primetone jazz.....i LOVE the feel of both of the edges.the polished glides so smooth over the strings,,sweeping is so easy and i think im getting better at it..also when doing a chord every string rings true..tone is awesome...
the unpolished edge gives that beautiful bite on each string and the tone is slightly different..lead work sounds now i have a different edge for different applications of playing(im a prog and death metal head fyi)depending on my mood..
i highly recommend these picks..give them a try,,,you might think the price is crazy (i did at first) but is so worth the gain in playing.....TRY EM!!

003 - Polished Bevels
Pasi Tuliniemi

003 - Polished Bevels

Packaged Deals
Eric Kiisel
Still have not received, ordered 2 weeks ago.

Paid for these picks 2 weeks ago and still have not received.

Jonathan Parsons
Just ok

Sent a photo to have etched into the pick. The website doesn't unfortunately show you a preview so I didn't know what it would look like beforehand. The picture is good if you hold it up to the light but other than that its just meh.

Mark Speights
One of my favorites

I really like my Gravity Sunrise mini 1.5 picks. I’ve tried other shapes and thicknesses, but these seem to be the closest to Dunlop Jazz iii’s that I’ve been using for decades. The sound is nice and crisp. They are a bit pricey. That would be the only deterrent for some.


matthew anneman
My favorite pick

I always order a few new 003 XL with the unpolished edge before any gigs because I love the sound when they are brand new! Is there any chance you guys can do a deal on a bunch? I would appreciate it thank you 🤙🏻😁