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Nice picks

I've had the picks for a couple of days and, so far, they feel very nice. The attack is very good and there's that rough feeling of the unbuffed picks which I love.
Let's see how long they last. If they last as long as v-picks, the high price is justified, IMO.

To long to deliver

Its been 14 days since I made the order and I still haven’t received the picks. Not ordering again

Gravity Gold Striker Standard 5.0 mm

I have been using Gravity Picks for about 6 years. I love how they sound and feel. Gold Series picks take these tones to a whole other level!

I haven't got them yet

I haven't got the picks I ordered. Somehow, they got stuck in delivery.
I asked and you said there's nothing you can do about it.
Great :(
If I ever get the picks, send me the request again and we'll see.

Improved my playing!

The picks have brought me back to how I would flat pick acoustic guitars when I was young!

JHS Picks

I love these picks, they are the perfect thickness and the unpolished edge on this model allows the pick to wear in to the ideal shape.


Great sounds great sounds good

Sunrise Gold

Great Picks

These are well-made picks. I prefer the polished edge picks as they just slide off the strings. It's like the pick and strings are one!

Best picks I've tried

I would suggest getting a polished and unpolished bevel. So far every person I have let try these picks out have either bought them off me or put a order in themselves. I play around 2-3 hours a night and haven't seen any loss in sharpness or noticable wear besides some scratches after 3 weeks.

Gravity wins again!

Gotta say I absolutely love the tripp! 3 different tones in 1 high quality pick! The big mini is the perfect size for a bluegrasser like me. With the availability to play clear leads and a wholesome rhythm. Grips very well. These guys make the best. Give it a shot!

Great picks.

Stealth - Polished Bevels

Nice, but!

I always like Gravity picks. In fact; they're all I use (Most of the time). But I'm not a fan of the "non-polished" edge picks. I can hear the unpolished edge against the string and don't really care for the sound it makes. When I used their polished picks-they are perfect.

Great customer service

I had decided I wanted to add an additional item to a previous order before shipment. Chris and I went back and forth trying to get it figured out. Eventually I said just send the order as is and I will order the other item at another time. To my surprise Chris included this item in my original order at no cost to me. Great customer and pretty damn good picks too. Thx Chris

My favourite pick

The striker (mini, 3mm) with the unpolished finish is – without a doubt – the best pick I've ever bought. It gives the guitar a natural, crisp sound, and the finish also makes it easy to articulate each attack of the string.

Awesome product

Made me a better player immediately

It's just a pick, how much of a difference can can they make?... I was wrong

Read a lot of reviews for slow shipping... I didnt experience that, about a week or so and they were at my door.

I bought a variety of sizes, bevel finishes and thickness's of the 007 series. I ended up really liking the 3mm so far, which is twice as thick as what I played for with years before. So don't be afraid to order "outside your comfortzone"

One thing I was thinking was, "5$!? I lose picks all the time, why spend 5$ to play with it for one day until I lose it?" Knock on wood, but I haven't lost one yet, something about a 5$ pick makes you remember to put it away after your done.

The material and the bevels do make a huge difference and we'll worth the price difference. Pinch harmonics are easier and attack on the sting is much greater with unfinished bevels, they are becoming my "go to " for metal/ heavy stuff.
The 4mm smooth is fantastic for acoustic and jazz. So far every shape and size I've tried has its special spot and style it excells at.

Honestly I could talk all day about these, cause they were the most overlooked piece of equipment I had, I am amazed on how much it a difference they can make.


I bought one of nearly every pick Gravity makes, these are my favorite pick of all time


Best pick I've ever played, hands down 🍻

I love them

Best picks I have used.


love playing these picks!

This pick made my ass blow up

This pick literally changed everything about my playing. Improved my tone, speed, pinch harmonics everything. It didn’t actually blow my ass up but it was close.

3 Amazing Picks in One

I love this pick so much! Instantly bonded with it... It actually changes the way I play. I feel more confident going for picking sequences because you know the pick will always hit its' mark. They never slip, lol incredible and make my strings sound more articulate. Been playing for over 20 years, can't believe I just discovered these.


wouldn't know, it's been sitting in california since january 20