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Classic XL 3 is tremendous!

The Classic XL 3 is my absolute favorite. Immedediately my picking improved, and the large size keeps my thumb and index from grazing the strings on accident. I selected the 7-hole grip pattern, and I want it on all picks now. Having more clearance cleans up the excess noise and friction. Now I'm even better when switching to lighter/smaller picks. I will absolutely buy more!

Because Tone

I've been using Gravity picks for years because they last that long. I finally ordered 4 of my usual, Sunrise Big Mini
I almost forgot how great they feel brand new. They are even cooler now with engraving! Are you kidding me? I prefer the unpolished for less pick chirp which, although beautiful, was the main issue I had with V picks. Gravity picks gives you more shred worthy articulation with less work. And I'm not even a shredder! (Per sé) The neon green has a cool glow under my RGB studio lights. Bonus!!!

JHS Unpolished Bevel

Unusable pick. But since Josh's company is so awesome I could never give them anything less than 5 stars.


I still wait it...20 days.;-) uff...


They’re all I use

These picks help me coax the notes I hear in my mind. They’ve taken my playing to a new level.

Seamless Service and Fantastic Quality

When I ordered my engraved picks from Dublin, I was emailed within minutes about how I would like my engraving spaced. Super friendly and the product was in the post within an hour of me ordering it.

My picks arrived very quickly and in perfect condition. They sound incredible

Couldn't recommend highly enough.

Great picks !!

Great experience, really good JHS picks !! Thanks !!


These picks are totally worth it


Just love these.

Cool beans

I love the feel of the pick. Plays amazing. However..... I also ordered a 3mm version with polished bevels but received a 2mm pick by mistake

Love my custom picks!

I ordered picks with my Madsen Amplification logo on them and they turned out great! They look and feel awesome and I can’t wait to get these In to the hands of my customers. I will definitely be ordering more.

Best Picks There Are

Once I started playing with Gravity Picks, my dynamics, tone, and pick control got a lot better. I'm so in love with them that I made a custom shop order for my exact specs. The order arrived promptly and they are all I could ever want from a pick.

High quality service and picks

The variety of shapes, grips, edge and thickness is just what I needed to create the perfect pick for me.

New pick home

Ive gone through dozens of picks in the past several years and the axis mini 1.5 is perfect for me.great product and great service

Great picks exactly as I ordered. Will buy again

Good pick

I bought two of the same picks, but each had different edges. I did this on purpose to see which I'd prefer. I do not like the unpolished edge, but that's nothing bad about the product that Gravity puts out. Both are well made, shipped fast are good looking and feeling picks.

plectrum progress

Gravity Picks products have opened a whole new world and are central to my picking progress. Many thanks!

A True Classic

I've tried most of the Gravity acrylic picks and liked them all. The Classic is my favorite. They got it right in the 1950s, and the timeless design works as well as it ever did. The pick is comfortable to hold and play. It sounds great. I prefer the multi-hole 3mm and 4mm, although I'm partial to size of the Mini. The Big Mini is a little too large for me, but still comfortable to play. The Classic in any size is a great all-around pick that makes glorious sounds come out of my guitar.


Excellent !

Great picks but.......

I didn't think I'd have a favorite pick until I tried the gravity pick with the jhs pedal i got and I loved it so much I had to have custom ones , I got them and love them , I just wish the engraving was done on the top on the pick and not under it , its a stupid complaint but I just don't like the way it looks , I wanted it to match the jhs pick with the engraving on top. I Would buy more though and maybe if I say that in the comments area my next ones will be the way I probably should have requested the first time .

Wrong strength

To be fair, the picks are okay, but I ordered 3mm picks and I got 1mm picks. Okay, but not what I wanted.

Excellent Pick

I'm on a journey to find MY pick. I'm learning that acrylic isn't for me, I do not like how it sounds against the strings. I say that without any discount to the quality that these picks are, they're great and the shape really feels good. I need to try the gold series, but that's a lot of money for a pick to just try. Gravity has done and always does a great job on their product. Thanks!

Rob Chapman Singature

Great Picks

Part of my rig as much as anything for my sound...