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A great product

Keven Eknes, (one of my former students) turn me on to Gravity picks. Having used the same pick since early’90 it took at bit getting used to yours. But now it’s the only pick I use. Doesn’t matter if it’s acoustic or electric, strumming or single notes, it just work. Sounds really good and playing comfort is excellent.

003 and XL.

I'm a big fan of the gravity JHS unpolished pics, and the Jazz 3 Max grip and Eric Johnson signature. The 003 and 003 XL seemed like the logical next step. Really nice pics, feel more like the Jazz 3 in the hand, but sound more like the JHS unpolished. And they do sound slightly different in the attack, great pics.

Drew Savelle
Perfect Picks

The 4mm sunrise is the perfect pick for me. I ordered them in the master finish, and after sitting with them for a week I ordered more because they were just that good. The thickness eliminates virtually all my right hand fatigue, and even after hours of wood shedding the point stays sharp and accurate.


Did not realize a pick could make this big of a difference. Outstanding playability and tone.

Laurence Zaitschek
My favorite picks

Got pointy 1.5mm customized picks. They cost a little more then I would like, but they are so comfortable and suit my playing style

The Magic I was Looking For

I didn't want to like it (Stealth XL 1.5mm). I had tried other, even more expensive picks looking for that right mojo and was hoping that it wouldn't be too pricey when I found it. Well here it is, the magic I was looking for. Great feel, dynamics and that "smack" or "pop" sound with almost no pick noise (how is that even possible?). Perfect for everything from aggressive electric soloing to acoustic strumming. I've been loving the Acrylic Series but the Gold Series Stealth is where my mojo's at now.
I was really hoping that my magic picks would be a little more affordable but, if you want perfection, sometimes ya gotta loosen the purse strings a bit. I will be buying more.

Acrylic Picks XL Multi
Luke Schwartz
Very Nice

Just the right point. Thanks!

Duncan McLore
I Love It

great job as usual

Gold Picks Big Mini
George Sabie

Perfect size. I can use all my techniques with one pic. I have big hands

Returning Customer

I didn’t know that picks could make such a big difference in tone. I am using the same 11-47strings, I typically use, and my sound changed to a warmer, smoother sound as soon as I started using the Big Mini Eclipse, and they don’t slip. Very pleased with these picks.

Very high quality pick.

Excellent quality at a reasonable price! Highly recommended!

Display Case
Laurence Zaitschek
Pick case

Well this resolves one age old problem for me!
I don’t lose my picks anymore and It looks so sharp!

Great Deal

Customized my package with specific requests. Excellent picks.

Great pick!

Love the feel, grip is nice and comfortable! The three sides come in handy.

These picks rule

Honestly never though a pick would make so much difference. It gives me so much more flexibility than the thin nylons I used to use. Worth the investment.

Preston Straight
Sweet Picks

I'm a Gravity Pick customer for life. My pick of choice is the Custom Shop 003 Mini, 2mm and Unpolished (Master Finish) smoke color.

Britt L
The Perfect Pick

I've used many picks over the years. The 003 XL is the perfect size and shape for me. After playing a few minutes the acrylic sticks to my finger and thumb. I don't have to constantly adjust the location of the pick, almost feels like there is no pick there. My search for the Perfect Pick is over! The Gravity 003 XL is it. I will be a Gravity customer for life. The customer service and quality are both excellent.

Chris Dolhancryk
good stuff

Love these things-- great attack and they feel perfect

Best Quality Picks

I’ve been ordering picks for My Business and Gravity Gives Me Awesome Quality and All around Beautiful which can be hard to find anymore. THANKS GRAVITY.

Brian Brooks
Huge effect on tone

Who would have thought that a pick could have such profound tone shaping abilities! Instantly my picking technique changed to experience more of the thick, fat treble dripping, percussive ping. Undoubtedly from the unfinished bevels of these picks. I'm blown away and now play these picks exclusively. It's the tone I hear on a lot of old rock records.

This is a must have pick.

Clearest sounding notes with a crisp attack. You’ll think someone put a fresh set of strings on your guitar when you weren’t looking. The only time I put it down is to do some tapping.

Thin Picks
Nathan Dubois
.90mm Thin Picks

I play electric primarily and use the 1mm acrylic picks religiously. They are too heavy for my acoustic so I figured I would give these thinner picks a shot. They are perfect for me! They have just enough flex and have a clarity that I didn’t get from my previous acoustic picks.

Best Sellers
Bob Claymier
Big mini the pick of the litter!

I’ve played guitar for over 50 years and finally realized how much a good pick adds to your tone, your ease of playing and your overall enjoyment of playing. I tried the 003 Xl (red) pick and liked them too, but the yellow (green?) 1.5 big mini plays and sound the best to me for both strumming and single note play. The pick is the connection between you and your guitar. I think most guitarists are fussy about their choice of guitar, strings, anps, and pedals but don’t consider how much a good pick can affect tone and playability. I recommend to all my guitar playing friends and students that they at least try a quality pick like Gravity. The big mini is definitely my go-to pick.

most beautiful plectrums I’ve used in a while.

They have amazing attack, like a mixture of acrylic and glassy type of timber for the 6 mm and it makes the strings roar and ring a long time, gravity picks are one of my favorite companies.

Best guitar picks

Gravity Guitar Picks are the Best ever, I have purchased a lot from Gravity, all different kinds , THEY ARE OF EXPECTIONAL QUALITY, thanks