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Thin Picks
Scot Lewis
awesome sound

a neighbor introduced me to gravity picks. My Martin never sounded so go!

Awesome pick

I was slightly skeptical when I bought one to try it out but found myself using this pick more each time I play. I normally used a much lighter pick so I wasn't sure about doubling the thickness but I've been pleasantly surprised. The cutout keeps the pick glued to my hand and I feel like I have better control and speed. I will definitely be buying more and trying out different styles.

Thin Picks
Cindy S
Small Thin Wedge with A Big Function Does Good!!

I have found that a thin guitar pick can help you with a fast rhythm and at the same time interfere with a clean tone. However, the gravity thin pick provides the flex I need without the unwanted plastic clicking sound. I Like the classic but really like the .75 gold the best. I just wish there was a way to stop losing them because they are a bit pricy! Fortunately they seem to show up in the washing machine! Despite the price I will buy again because they sound and feel great!! Highly recommend!

Matt G
Cool twist on the usual pick

I like how this pick is the standard shape but ever so slightly oversized. And the material sounds good and is super durable.

The Pick of Destiny FO Real!!

I second Caleb Mitchells review. This pick will change your playing. I am buying a bag of them today. I am ripping EVH licks cleaner than ever. I have been a Tortex user for years and thought those were number 1, but these are lightyears ahead, if you have not tried one you are totally missing out. Thanks again JHS, you are an incredible company promoting others business's, which adds to the growth of music and that is a skill we can all use and learn from!!

john kiefer
Love these

Love these picks!
And they do not slip

Robert Hall
Customized Acrylic pics

Bought a handful of these with my bands logo on them. I was super stoked about how they turned out. I will be getting more.

Mark Eggerman


Gold Picks XL
O Salazar
Impressive quality

Excellent quality pick. Impressive durability. Very precise and bright-sounding. Fast shipping.


I really like these. So far I’ve got a 2,3, and 4mm version. With a forward pick slant these glide across the strings effortlessly. For me the 3mm is the sweet spot although I regularly use 2mm standard picks. The 4mm really subdues your pick stroke no matter how hard you strum (within reason at least). I’d like to see a slightly smaller version,a big mini maybe?

Great pick steep price

I used this pick for a couple of years and its stellar. The grip hole and shape of the pick made control very easy and this thing just makes soloing more easier. It makes down picking for metal more tighter. Its similar to the Jazz 3,but the top edges are slightly wider so some may find the grip better.
I love them,but there is no way I could afford to order them as frequently as I did years ago since the price has gone up over time.

Jonathan Blair
Just like the classic, but easier to hold

Love me some gravity picks. But as a sweating dude I drop them a lot. The stripes really help the grip. Love them.

Striker | Speed Bevels
Michael Koschorreck
Not only fast, also glowing

I really love your picks for feel and sound and I keep them like tiny treasures, so I hardly ever lose them, rather give one away to someone that's done me a small favor. The orange pick recently showed a fantastic extra quality: when stage lighting hits it lights up brilliantly so you can't lose it on the bandstand (in contrary to the also beloved blue transparent ones who love to hide once dropped).

Pick Review

The quality is good and I like it.
It took some time after arriving in our country.(South Korea)
It seems worth the wait.

Big Mini - A Favorite.

Very well made, plays and sounds great.
Gravity Picks make it easy, just select your shape, size, colour and thickness and off you go!

Our team loves Gravity Picks

We placed an order of custom picks for a guitarist on our worship team, and a member of the Gravity Picks staff reached out to connect with us and sent us some extra picks for the other team members! We recommend Gravity Picks to everyone, the quality is unmatched! And the service is above and beyond!

Love the Tripp Pick

I can't use another pick. I love these picks. I order the Tripp 3mm fluorescent green and I never lose one. I wish they had a hot fluorescent pink or super bright fluorescent yellow. Thank you

Acrylic Picks Standard None
Satisfied Customer
Gravity Picks are the Best

The craftsmanship of these picks is unsurpassed and the sound is great!

Mike Rios
Great picks!

I used these for bass and they super fast and super strong!

My 45th!

I have bought gravity custom shops for years. Trying all sizes and shapes, ultimately ending on the razor. Quick picking, the difference almost feels like my picking hand is now faster than my fretting hand! Can’t keep up!

Gold Picks Standard
Robert Wyatt
Gold Tripp 2.5

Deep tone, great clarity & almost no pick noise. Makes me sound like I'm working harder than I really am. Love the Tripp shape. Works well with any guitar and/or genre of music.

Great picks, the big mini is a little bit bigger than the jazz 3 picks.

I love the jazz 3 picks but didn’t like how I couldn’t grip them all that well. With the elipse grip hole its a perfect pick, plus I love the 3mm thick pick

Enrique Luévano

You can give more attack, volume and precision to your play with gravity picks, I really love it

Acrylic Picks XL None

The only picks I buy and recommend

Having played for over 50 years now (boy, that makes me sound old!), and having used lots of different picks over the years, the ONLY ones I buy now are Gravity Picks, and have since I was first introduced to them about 10 years ago when the company started.

I just bought some Acrylic Picks Standard Multi (I thought I was buying Classic Standard). The holes help to keep a good grip, and as with all Gravity Picks, they glide easily across the strings and I like the tone that I get from my guitar using them, which is why they are my pick of choice... but I prefer the shape of the Classic Standard.