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Gravity picks

Are the best !!!! , SICKKKKK

Professionals! Amazing pick! Precision!

Gravity JHS Pick

Came with a JHS pedal. Almost went in the misc pick box, until I tried it. Best pick I have ever used. Love it.

Love these thing!

Stealth Big Mini 2mm with multi holes.... I bought them from custom shop because of the custom colors, so beautiful. They’re the best picks available on Earth!! I really love them!!

Value for money!

I've been using Gravity picks the last five years and I'm very pleased. The material is perfect, glide through the strings with no effort.The volume increased with no annoying sound from the pick. I could say Gravity picks is one of the top three custom pick manufacturers in the world!

Stealth 3mm Big Mini

I've been on a pick journey for sometime but seems to be at an end with this pick.
Perfect size, great grip as always with Gravity's acrylic material and very easy to relax when picking with this pick.

Stealth Standard 3

Best picks I’ve used!


I did get some polished and unpolished 1.5M and 2M classic sized- both cool for different vibe, not really a one's better than the other for me. I did like the the oval cut out in the 2M picks, assuming the 1.5M might be two thin for a cut-out, but would be cool to have 1.5M with a circle or oval cut out

Arrived Fast

As always these pics are great, I love the material they’re made from, kinda glides over the strings

Ultimate Customer Service

Had an issue with my order going to someone else. The customer service team at Gravity went above and beyond to make sure not only that I got what I payed for but also made sure I was satisfied! Unbelievable team!

The best!

I have been using gravity picks since 2017, and i have no intentions of quitting.
Super comfy feel, great tone, lots of design choices, and last but not least outstanding durability.
The Only downside is that they’re so great that I can’t use any other pick!



I never thought I would play a 1.5 pick when I’m usually using a .77 but man love these things. The XL classic size is way better to grip too. Great job.

Great pics!

Couldn’t be happier with these pics. I won’t use anything else.

Who needs a point?

Love this Gravity Axis standard.For years the point of my pick would land towards the back of my hand, in a constant twirl to get it out of the way. Now no point, no problem.

Great picks with great tone!

A couple of years ago I tried gravity picks and now I can't play anything else.
Been using "Striker" exclusively and now I am trying the "Stealth" for the extra pointy edges.


The best picks I have had ever

Acrylic coustom

Great picks!!!!

Always Gravity

I just figured out why the company/products name is Gravity. In our world you can’t live without it, in this case them. I’ve ordered so many Gravity picks from Gravity HQ and shops that carry them, that it seems crazy. In the end it’s my green 1.5’s that I love the most.
I’m thankful that you didn’t name the business oxygen.

Tripp-style Picks are Great!

I really appreciate the precision I can achieve with the 2mm Tripp, polished bevel, and the grip hole. The picks last a long time and are quite comfortable!


The classic pointed is the way to go forsure. I also love the razer, stealth and sunrise. They all have the a good amount of room to hold them without trouble. The grip holes help keep it in place and work so well.

Almost perfect

First got this pick as the xl and after losing it i decoded to buy the smaller ones. In all honesty the Xl are better as i have more space to old the pick. And regret the triangle grip hole. It digs into my skin when i try and place fast. Still over all its a great design and amazing sound both polish and unpolish basil

Striker - Polished Bevels

Custom striker

Great picks
Fast shipping
Excellent friendly Company


I want to say Thank you GRAVITY GUITAR PICKS for your technology in making the greatest guitar picks on the planet, your picks make a positive connection to the strings for the best feel and sound.