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Gravitated back to gravity picks

I used gravity picks sunrise standards 3 and 2mm for nearly 5 years to overcome wrist issues I had with thinner picks. After a year or so trying various other products, I came back to the gravity sunrise and realised it actually had quite an impact on my technique and I feel it offers me a unique advantage. The size and shape give me a solid platform to perform with, and as someone with a light grip, I also find that these picks don't rotate or slip in your fingers much- the rare times that they do- they are easy to manipulate back into position quickly without missing a beat. Maybe it's the shape, or size... All I know it that they feel like home.

Good stuff

To many of us, quality picks make a really big difference. Gravity makes good stuff.

Acrylic Picks Big Mini Elipse

Gravity Picks: Variety Pack
Ouroboros Guitars
Minor obsession…

I’ve been a fan for years now but I still get excited whenever I order a new batch. Awesome plectrums, do yourself a favor and try a few with “grip holes.” They‘ve changed the way I play for the better.


Go Custom!

Got the color, shape, size, and grip I wanted. Thanks!

Ulises Austria
This is a multitool guitar pick

I had my doubts about the model (Striker) because of the habit of using the classic 351 shape. But this model has six perfectly beveled attack points. Hold it however and there will always be a tip ready to attack. Cool!

Great picks, strange policies

I love their picks, they're all that I use. Unfortunately they seem to have woke policies which is sad. I wanted a specific graphic on my picks and they wouldn't make them as I wanted. They said they "didn't like to do that" what difference does it make as long as I'm paying for them. It wasn't anything vulger or x-rated. If im paying for them I should get them as I want them

Thin Picks
Ali Marshad
Thin pick

They are great, my guitar seems to have more volume and top end when I use them.

I love that you can order a pick that is customized to your needs

Great value

Very cool that you can package a bunch of styles to find what fits best. You can request anything you want and they'll make it for you!

They stay put very well, and last a long while

Couldn't have asked for more..

I am super bias as I love gravity first order, there was a little mix up but it was addressed quickly and fixed immediately. I am never one to get up in arms over things so I just reached out, they made it right, promptly too. That tells me how great their customer service is. Will absolutely be ordering more from them.

Ryan Hoffman
Stealth XL green and clear.

The turnaround was non-existent. I had them in mere days. I am 100% happy with the quality and performance. And thank you for the free Gold Colored 1.0!

Packaged Deals
Stone O’Brien
Soo far so good

Nice feel/tone!

Display Case
Ernie Cook
Pick Storage Case

This is my 4th case purchased. I love these cases and they way that they display my collection. Great people, great product and fast shipping. I will be ordering more soon.

David Shannon


Striker | Speed Bevels
Mikael Ström
Striker Speed Bevels

I can not say. Because my picks has not arrived yet.

Great Picks, Good Prices

They make great picks, and compared to other boutique pick makers, they’re reasonably priced.

Striker | Speed Bevels
Timothy Murphy
Excellent Product

Love them. Unfortunately I am a living room player and if I loose one I will hunt that sucker down. All the best.

Striker | Speed Bevels
Paul Tsamkiranis

Striker | Speed Bevels

George Fecik

great pick just righr for me

Best picks period

Title says enough.

Worth the money

Great pick, has an almost slight rubbery fell to it, which gives great grip. It maybe subconscious but I feel like I sound better using this pick.👍👍

Gold Picks XL
Jazz Player Oregon
Unique Pick

I guess not many are going know about thicker picks. However, 5mm is not an uncommon thickness for gypsy jazz or metal players. And it should be more common for bluegrass flatpicking and jazz. Thicker picks are perfect to add presence and volume to an acoustic instrument. And this one, with it's unique material, has a very clear sound. Much prefer it to gypsy jazz picks made of softer material or some of the oddly shaped boutique picks for metal guitar. Overall, this isn't my first choice for an electric archtop where I want a bit more subdued tone. But it is very good and will be my primary for a flat top or gypsy jazz guitar. And it's quite comfortable to hold and play. Well made. One of those 'expensive but worth it' things. And, if I don't lose it, the material will last a lifetime. If I do lose it, I'll buy another.

Easier to pick faster!

Just a natural feel to them and it has increased my accuracy as I speed my picking up. Love all your picks!