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Acrylic Picks Standard None

Great picks, bad image detail.

The picks play great and are comfortable, but the picture I requested came out awful. You can’t even tell what it is. If it wasn’t going to look good, I’d think I’d get an email or call to pick something else. I paid extra for that! I won’t be buying more from them, but if you do, make sure if you add a graphic that looks good if it was sized down to the size of a pick.

Stealth Polished is my #1!

I decided to go into the boutique pick thing a few years ago in 2019, and opted to give Gravity a shot after trying another top pick brand and honestly never looked back since. I tried a few shapes and both finished and unfinished edges, but really gravitated (no pun intended) toward sharper polished pick tips for more precision and the smooth release off the string, so I currently run with the 2mm Stealth Standard with ellipse grip as my #1 plectrum, with a multi-hole Stealth as a backup. Yes, I am very aware of the price for these little works of art (they really are beautiful pieces!), but for me they are worth the premium (though not terrible when you consider absolute magnitude of gear prices in the guitar world) and for my playing style their extreme longevity justifies the cost. I cannot go back to my old Tortex picks - I tried and simply couldn't do it. Now I'm waiting to try out the 3mm Stealth ellipse, including an XL - can't wait for them! For me, acrylic is simple, beautiful, and just works for me! Thanks, Gravity!

I've orderd quite a few in this original Gold series! My favorite matierial!

Pretty much every Gravity pick size I like I order in this original Gold series compound! It's perfect! I love my 003 Super for Bass!

Ivan Borisov
Unsure what "PERSONALIZATION" means

The picks play well, fast and comfortable in the hand, etching gives a reasonable grip. The look is good too - if important.
Their thickness feels different from that of acrylic picks. I prefer 2mm acrylic, but clearly would like slightly thinner Gold - perhaps 1.5mm
One thing I got wrong is, perhaps, misunderstood how "Personalisation" really works. On the site it said "...If you choose the personalization, you may request different combinations of colors and thicknesses. Please use the order notes during checkout...". So I chose and put a note at checkout to have "3 of them as specified 2.0mm in Sea Foam and 3 of 1.5mm thickness in Yellow".
Instead all 6 arrived as 2mm Sea Foam - not sure if this was my misunderstanding of the note was ignored.

Great pick ever

Received my pick last Friday. Well made and of course very good to use.I tried to switch to my old picks but kept switching back to gravity's pick!and thank you for the extra coloured gold pick included in the package🥰

Gold Picks Big Mini
Richard medel
No better than Acrylics

I was hoping for a denser, vesper like pick. Was very disappointed especially after paying a premium price for them.

Excellent picks.

One of the best picks on this planet. Fast shipping and good service. I will be back.


Awesome tone!

Awesome picks!

I got the red gold series with the EVH grip, these are so sick, they feel great, sound great. I forget it’s there, and I think that’s what a good pick should do. It was a little pricy but worth it in my opinion.

Love 'em

They're kind of a revelation. They're pricey, sure. But they're Chick Fila pricey not Lamborgini pricey. You want a unique product made in USA? You're gonna spend a few bucks...but really only a few.

Dustin Souther
EVH stripes!

They are just like the rest of my Gravity picks, awesome! The only difference is the red color and the stripes! Killer picks no matter what size or design.

Thin Picks
Lars Johnson
Custom picks.

I am very satisfied and I will be back, L. Johnson from Sweden.

Sunrise Gold
Ryan Chapman
Has Become The #1 Pick!

This pick does exactly what I've needed a guitar pick to do all this time. If you like Jazz IIIs this is a pretty easy swap and because its larger it gives you a lot more space to grab if you have larger fingers like me. The pick barely has any nasty harshness/shrill plunking like a lot of the other thicker picks out there have. It has a brief (4 hours or so) break in period before it'll wear to your strumming and picking grooves but from there on is amazing. I've had and used it exclusively for over a month now (about 1-3 hours a day) and its still going pretty strong, the tip started to wear but after a bit of that hasn't lost anymore mass and is still super playable, way better than the 1-3 hours total life time I was getting out of my jazz IIIs tortexs. All in all if your looking for the next best thing to level up your playing this is the penultimate for guitar picks in my opinion. Solid 10/10!

Howie Kittelson
Sold on Striped!

Beautiful and functional! I didn't want to playing to type a review!

Best jazz picks!!!

I’ve tried every jazz pick I could find searching for the best. The 003 mini acrylic are definitely my favorite. The feel and tone are amazing and so far show no signs of wear. They might seem expensive but to me they are well worth it.

Gold Picks Standard
Eugene Kamiyama
still haven't received

second (maybe lost) order. Still haven't received anything

Great quality, still overpriced

I appreciate the quality and craftsmanship, but just don't think the tone difference relates to a price that's 20x a Dunlop pick.

Good way to get a sample

Expensive, however, excellent products come with a premium. This is worth a try for all players looking to experiment with different gauges and sizes. Not a bad pick in the mix, only favorites.

Acrylic Picks XL Multi
Kevin Cockrell
Blown away

I’d always used typical/regular picks. The tonal differences from Gravity picks are amazing.

Adam Rose
EVH stripes!!

Style and function all at the same time. Love the picks and will be ordering more.

Great Picks, Lots of Options

I’ve used nothing but acrylic picks for many years. For me, there is nothing better. Gravity Picks not only offers a variety of shapes and multiple sizes of each shape, but also multiple thicknesses. This really lets you zero in on the perfect fit for your playing style. I personally use 6mm Stealth picks. Everything about guitar playing is personalized, Gravity Picks offers that personalization in the picks you use.

Display Case
Kostas Paiavlas

what an amazing case !!!
Love the way it looks and how the picks fit inside.
Absolutely awesome

A Pick That Gives Me Choices

Like many guitar players, I have been on a tone quest for a long time. One element that often gets overlooked in the pursuit of expression is the pick that we use. After settling for many years on a competitor, I finally gave in and tried the Gravity 003. It has the form factor that I have come to rely upon, albeit in a more refined manner. Upon playing it, I found that picking was easier for me, I would think because of the material used. It glides across the string with less effort than it's competition. I am not a great alternate picker yet I didn't know that my previous pick was making it more difficult. You don't know what weighs you down until you find something better. It does sound different as well. I feel that the 003 gives me more of my guitar and less of the pick. I tested this across several different picks and by far, the 003 had the clearest sound to it. I enjoy gear that stays out of my way and allows me to not consider it when creating or playing music, and the 003 does that. It just works exactly as it should. There is not a lot of gear that I can say that about, but I am quite happy to put that in writing about the Gravity Picks 003.

Excellent picks

Simply put these are the best picks I’ve ever used.