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Striker Polished. Very nice 4mm pick

As a long time V-Pick user, I'm really happy with this one. Willing to change to Gravity picks!

Gravity Stealth Mini 3mm

The best guitar pick I’ve used thus far.

Best pick of the universe?

Amazing product! (Although I still love my flimsy .50 Dunlop Tortex 😝 I know I know...)

Can’t use other picks anymore

I got a variety pack a little while ago to see what the fuss was about. Now I can’t use other picks anymore. Thank you very much for that. I now have a mountain of unused Dunlop / fender and other brands of picks.

Fast shipping, a bit expensive but they’re worth it.

Amazing Picks, Amazing Custom Shop

I recently received a variety pack of Gravity Picks from Guitar Crate. I knew about them but never tried them out to that point. I ended up trying them and falling in love with one that had the Guitar Crate logo on it so I couldn't tell what the pick was. I emailed their customer service and they responded very quickly telling me what pick that was. When I sent them a few pictures to confirm they responded very quickly as well.

Myself, and my bands other guitarist decided to get some custom ones made which were the Sunrise Big Mini 1.5 mm in smoke, with our band logo on them and they turned out even better than we imagined. I've been using the same for for over 2 weeks teaching, and rehearsing and there's no sign of wear at all.

These picks are definitely worth the money, and we'll continue to buy more from them in the future!

003 Gold
Wouldn't know

Haven't received the picks I ordered to try out. Not gravity picks fault it's USPS. If I get them and like them I will only order more if some other carrier is used to ship them to me.


I got one in 1.5mm and 2mm and neither have ceased to amaze me

Not received yet

The tracking number in USPS page still available but it says still in transit any feedback has been provided. I already sent an email for following


After a few years of using the sunrise mini 3mm, I purchases a mix bag of mini picks between 1.5mm and 2mm. After a lot of back and forth I have found that the 003 in 2mm is the absolute king. The tone, feel and attack is perfect. Thank you gravity.

Best pick ever

I love this pick it’s the best pick I’ve ever played go buy it right now


These picks are incredible quality! I’ve played jazz 3’s for years, and I like the smaller size 003 picks but the gravity xl picks have really grown on me and I find myself playing them more and more! Try out some of these picks, you will not regret it!


The picture was perfectly made and the quality of the imagine in the pick was incredible!


me gusta mucho las mejores que he probado en todo el tiempo que tengo tocando

Amazing Picks

Great pics, fast shipping

my favorite picks.

So Far So Good

Haven't had ample time to do a full review, but like what I hear so far.

Great Pics

I ordered the Stealth Standard 1.5mm and pI absolutely love the tone I get out of them.

Got one with my JHS pedal order

I got the JHS pick with a pedal I ordered. I was impressed with the pick. So I ordered 5 from Sweetwater (2mm Blue with grip holes polished) and they feel great.
I have not used them very long but they feel good. All I can say is try one out, a stiffer pick gives you more control and the beveled edge helps the pick slide over the strings.
thanks Gravity

Finally found my dream pick.

The Classic Pointed - Polished Bevels 3mm Big Mini is my dream pick. I've been looking for something that was pointy like a Jazz III but thicker and larger so easier for my fat hands to hold (that's what she said). Plus the Gravity picks seem to last forever. Also the customer service and shipping were really good.

Best picks ever

The ability to design my own pick has cemented Gravity picks as the only pick for me. It is the secret sauce in my tone.

Great Picks

I like these picks
I have been using them for a while
They are good on Electric Guitar Strings, Acoustic Guitar and even Nylon strings
Gravity Picks has great service as well. They did sent a promotional acrylic pick
Highly recommended

Great bouzouki picks!!!

These acrylic picks have an extraordinary grip, feel, and usefulness in expressing dynamics on bouzouki and guitar. I like the mini for the double course bouzouki and big mini for Stat and LP. The smaller size, sharp point, no flex, works for me!!!

003 Gold

003 Gold

Uneven bevels on master finish

The bevels on several picks are very uneven, and it affects playability a lot. I should have gone 2u5h the polished finish.