Variety Pack
Variety Pack
Variety Pack

Variety Pack

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Here are the Variety Packs.  These are made up of picks that will give you a good overview of the brand.  Perfect for a first time customer to check us out or as a gift to a guitar player in your life.

Customer Reviews

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David Connally
Great picks. Nice assortment.

I like these picks. They feel good in my hand, work well and the assortment gives serious thickness options to try out. Worth every penny. I’m impressed.

Anthony Donado

They have a unique feel, they slide off the strings! Wonderful articulate and bright tone! They make your guitar sound better!

John R
Simple way to improve your playing.

Heard about Gravity picks through an online forum I follow. The variety pack seemed like the best way to see what model I liked without going to a shop to test each one. The pack gives you various sizes and shapes to try out and I soon narrowed down what I felt best with. I played with it for a few days and really liked the tone and feel I was getting with it. I then tried the dunlop pick I have used for decades and quickly tossed it aside. Amazed at how a little pick can make such a big difference. I have ordered more...

Richard A.
Variety Pack is too expense for the picks included

Unfortunately, I felt that the variety packs were too expensive given what was included. I would have preferred the ability to choose which picks I wanted to demo. In addition, there was no standard sharp in the pack. Clayton's website (while not perfect) does provide the ability to create a custom variety pack. That would have been cool on the Gravity picks site. I dig your picks, but I think you could provide more flexibility given the price.

Francois Roland
More variety in thickness & shape would be nice

The variety pack is supposed to show what is available and help people find what they like, and it serves the purpose to some extend.
I'm putting 3 stars not because the picks aren't good, but because I feel there could be more variety in thickness and shape. the vast majority of the picks are 1.5 - 2mm thick and have bevelled edges, so for those (like me) who don't like these, there isn't a lot to play with unfortunately