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This is the official JHS logo’d Gravity Pick.

One of these comes with each JHS pedal!

There are two variations.  Polished and Unpolished.

The unpolished version comes with your pedal purchase.

This is a Classic Standard 1.5mm.

Customer Reviews

Based on 88 reviews
Mark Pikus
Great picks

I love the JHS picks, it is easy to grip and sounds great on the strings. I have a variety of Gravity Picks and use them on different guitars and bass's, try one, you will like.

Chris Dolhancryk
good stuff

Love these things-- great attack and they feel perfect

Brian Brooks
Huge effect on tone

Who would have thought that a pick could have such profound tone shaping abilities! Instantly my picking technique changed to experience more of the thick, fat treble dripping, percussive ping. Undoubtedly from the unfinished bevels of these picks. I'm blown away and now play these picks exclusively. It's the tone I hear on a lot of old rock records.

Nice grip.

A really nice pick. The unpolished bevel creates a different type of sound than other picks. Great for blues licks when you want to dig in.

Bill Strange
JHS picks

I really like the unpolished pic version because it’s got the right grab on the string and the tension in the unpolished surface area gives you the right kind of rasp on the stream picky in and in a good way!