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Display Case

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These are display cases for your Gravity Picks.
Available empty or filled.
Great gift for a guitar player in your life or for yourself.

Customer Reviews

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Joe Niszczak
The Gravity Display Case Rocks!

I have always just thrown my picks around my playing space and often times lose them. Not only does the display case keep them organized but it is a beautiful addition to my guitar room. Thanks Gravity!

Jerry Reive
The best tone I have ever heard from a pick

These are the best picks I have ever tried hands down they have the best roll-off and bounce to give you the best tone that you will ever hear. from the thick 6 m to 1.5 they all play like your a rock star. I bought a box and now I am on my third box of these picks, where have you been all my life Gravity Picks the only picks I use now.

Jonas Nilsson


If you have a good collection of picks...

This case is awesome! I have a rather large collection of Gravity picks so instead of storing them in a pick tray or somewhere I could lose them easily I decided to try out the case. I am extremely happy with it, no more digging around a pick tray trying to find what I'm looking for. No more accidently knocking the tray over either. I also like the way it looks too once it's filled with picks.

For the serious player!

When you get to the point in life you stop losing picks all the time and put them in the same place, this is for you! I purchesed a display for putting out with my guitars and amps. This is a nice accent to having good gear and taking care of your stuff. The picks are varied and none of them are bad but i have my favorites. One thing now is i know what i like for what type of music i am playing you get a great feel with this assortment. Great product Gravity!