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So Many great picks!

It was supper cool to try a variety of picks in different shapes sizes. The sunrise is my favorite multipurpose pick, but, I was very surprised how much I liked some of the other shapes and sizes! It is always nice to have options when it comes to tone and feel!

Grateful Dead Customs

I got some custom acrylic smoke color Grateful Dead picks. They absolutely nailed it out of the park. I couldn’t be happier and will be reordering some more soon. Thank you Chris/Gravity Picks team & keep up the awesome work. Bravo.

I’ll never use another pick after trying Gravity Picks , that’s coming from a 54 year old that’s been playing guitar for over 45 years.



Amazing material!

Acrylic Picks Standard None
Joe Payne c/o Jan Nebozenko
Green glow no more lost pick!

Serious Flatpicker here since 1975. Tried every pick under the sun - sorry turtles…. Lost too many dark color $40+ picks to count. Since adopting Green Gravity 1.5 Classic I can always see/find it even under dim light. The bevel edges seem to glow by low candlelight. Doesn’t last as long as Tortise or Derlin but costs 1/4 or less per pick. Tone is great even for electric which I’d always used .73 mediums before adjusting myself to Gravity 1.5mm. So many things seem great (honeymoon) but ultimately don’t stick for long run. Going on 3 years using 1.5 Green Classic and no regrets. Never lose yer pick again!

Worth every penny!

These picks are fantastic! The feel, the attack, the tone!!! What more can I say? I love these picks! I’ve collected all of my picks…..too many to count, put them in a Tupperware and put it in the closet. These are the picks I’ve been looking for. The 6mm Sunrise in orange. Perfect!!!

Perfect Picks

Clean sounding, multi faceted, color shows up on floor. Grab n Play

Confidence Enjoyment Progression

Other picks are just fine , Gravity picks are extensions of your art. they feel great the more you play they become veterans of your arsenal. I'm never fighting the pick , it really is that good.

David Rando
Best picks ever

I've tried may guitar pick but I am always go back to the Gravity Gold 1.0

The best amplifier money can by

Like Keef said of the guitar pick, “…it’s the best amplifier ever made…”.
Doubly true for Gravity picks!

Stephen Ritcheson
003 & 003XL

Got a Gravity pick in the swag bag with a recent JHS order. Hmmm, Gravity pick? What the heck is this?

Did a 4 hr session with the standard 1.5, and immediately ordered a couple of the 003’s. I haven’t used another pick since.

I’ve used Jazz 3’s for many years. The 003, like the item description, “is what you think it is.” I highly recommend the 003XL - the perfect size for me - a nice balance between a standard size and the 003 and a little easier on my hand. In either case, I haven’t dropped a Gravity pick since I started using them. No slippage either. Nice bright tone, even with older strings. Just get a couple - you’ll be glad you did.

Gravity picks

Having tried numerous other picks these are now my go to picks, best I've used.

Best Sellers
Scotty V
Truly Awesome!

A friend of mine kept telling me “bro, you gotta try these picks, they’re amazing and have changed my playing for the better” so after much skepticism I decided to give them a try, and so glad I did!!
These picks will improve tone, speed and accuracy.
It’s worth spending a few extra coins…

Great picks - great tone

I’ve been a Gravity customer for several years. When they have a special deal on a pick that they have in stock, I do not hesitate to make the purchase.

Display Case
Steven James
Gravity display case

Well happy with the product, well built and display case shows the picks off beautifully also picks are quality the only picks I use now.

Enjoy using the Acrylic XLs

I'm new to using 6mm picks and so far I'm really enjoying the decrease in hand stress and fatigue. I bought a bunch of different shapes and finishes and have really gravitated to the master edge finish. buttery smooth with enough bite to really dig in. I highly recommend giving these a try

Gold Picks Big Mini
ley Pietroski
New favorite pick

Looking over my new big mini I realized I should have gotten a shape I was more familiar with. I was able to return the unused big mini for a striker gold. Using the same size as my Blue Chip I was able to make a direct comparison. GRAVITY picks rocks. Thanks for a great product. Fast, slick and smooth string response!

Custom Acrylic Picks

I now almost exclusively play using gravity picks. I love the 3mm Sunrise however I use 1.5 and 2 and both play brilliantly. I also have the 30 pick case all full of a range of gravity picks. It's a real conversation starter and looks amazing

Always a pleasure

I've ordered twice as of now and both orders have exceeded my expectations. Very fast shipping as well.

Longtime customer, love the pics. Especially the custom acrylic shop personalized ones. I was always old school as far as picks and thought paying more than whatever it was $10 for 20 picks was crazy but these definitely changed my mind. They are worth every penny and I would highly recommend.

My New Favorite Pick --Gravity Tripp / 4.0mm with Grip Holes

I recently tried the Gravity Tripp/ 4mm picks with the various types of types of grip holes. I love these picks! The grip holes are awesome (I particularly like the eclipse grip hole). The pick feels, plays, and sounds amazing.

I've tried just about every kind of pick (except for Bluechip). I've even made my own out of antler. For many years I've used V-pick Snake picks, but this Gravity pick is my new favorite. I highly recommend Gravity picks!

Thanks for making these picks!

Tripp / 4.0mm

Love This Pick!

I’ve been searching for the right pick forever! The 6mm Standard multi hole Sunrise is fantastic!!! The feel…the attack…and the tone are outstanding! Improved accuracy as well. I will be using this pick exclusively. And will be ordering more!

Really nice picks

Been playing professionally forever and always used medium gage regular picks. These were the first new style picks that really seemed to have a different feel and made my playing more accurate. I forced myself to stick with them for a month and get used to them as they feel a lot thicker than a normal pick. Now I am sold on them. Tried the variety pack to see what shape I preferred. Also wanted to try even heavier gage. I’m liking the 2 and 3 gage and am still deciding on shapes. These are really great for hybrid/ travis picking as well as just regular flat picking. Love em.

Byung won Choi