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julien chollet


Danny Gochnour
The best

I've been an acrylic pick user for years. I never liked the little clicking sound that plastic picks give and once I tried acrylic I found the tone and response that I was looking for.
I tried other brands before stumbling on Gravity. Gravity picks seem to hold their shape longer provide incredible tone and response. Plus the free customization is a nice added touch. Been using Gravity for about 2 years now and I'm 100% satisfied at the quality, service and super fast delivery.


Very good fast pick. Thanks

Love Striker Speed Bevels

Thank you for the free pick with my order. I have ordered several different Gravity picks in my quest to find the perfect pick. The Striker Speed Bevels are it! I have ordered several more. There is no clicking on the strings, the pick moves smoothly across and off the strings. I’m partial to the 1.5 mm. Since they cannot cut holes in this thickness due to it easily breaking, it would be nice to have some type of grip on it. The acrylic is a little slick. But this is a small trade off for a great pick. They can cut grip holes in the 2 mm pick. Amazing what a difference the bevels make. Finally, I’ve finished my quest for the perfect pick 😊

Very good picks

The Gravity Classic Standard is a very good pick that will give any other brand a run for the money.

Excellent picks !!!

Rob Chapman Singature
What a nice pick

Good sound and nice play.

Acrylic Picks Standard Single

Rodrigo Noronha
The quest has come to an end

I’ve always used thick picks (after Eddie Van Halen’s cue), and tried them all. Now I’m at ease. Chatting was key, it helped to determine the best model for me. These guys know what they’re doing.

Great picks

I use the 2 or 3mm striker picks. Love the sound they get out of my acoustic. They can get a little slick of the smooth side but I would recommend these picks to any acoustic guitar player to produce an amazing sound.

Great Picks Great Price

Thank you for the free pick with my order. I’ve been searching for the perfect pick. I ordered several different picks to try. The Acrylic Standard Elipse is a great pick and it’s in my stack of keepers. It doesn’t produce clicking on the strings like a lot of acrylic picks. But I have to admit my favorite is the Gravity Striker Speed Bevel, awesome! Just placed an order for 3 more Striker Speed Bevels.

Gold Picks Standard
Matija Loncar
Phenomenal picks

Great product and service, I got an extra pick for free. Will buy again!

Classic Standard 1.5mm

After a week of getting used to them, I really like these picks. I previously used standard Fender heavy picks. The tone is brighter with more volume, and I can play quicker lines more easily. I want to try the same pick in a 1mm, just to check it out.

Great picks!

I bought the Standart Gold Picks as a gift now the second time and my boyfriend is very satisfied with the picks. He said they have a excellent grip on the fingers and the on the guitar. The sound of the gold picks is warmer as acrilic pick sound and so he prefers the Gold Series.

Great feeling, brilliant attack!

Bought one with my first order and just ordered again - which says it all.

Acrylic Picks Standard Multi
Patrick O¡¯Callaghan
Now my go-to

Great feel, good grip (provided they’ve got holes or the oval cutout), super responsive, very fast picks.

Best picks of the world

I have tried many different brands, but Gravity and V- picks are by far the best ones. I choose Gravity for the better price and not so expensive shiping costs.

Adam Daniels

Tried one and had to have a few. Now they have become my go to pick. They give me accuracy, feel and a solid tone. Being able to add a custom image is just icing on the cake.

Thin Picks
Dennis Weaver
Thin picks for acoustic

I prefer the thin picks for use on my Martin 00-16C nylon string guitar. The thin picks have a brighter, more natural tone on this guitar while the thicker picks tend give a darker tone when used on nylon strings.

Display Case
John Noble
Best picks!

My guitar teacher introduced me to these picks and I love them !

Display Case
Debra Dise
Display & Contain

The display case is a stylish and great way to keep your picks contained and orderly to prevent loss. My son who received this as his Christmas gift along with a supply of his favorite Gravity Picks, absolutely loves it. It’s small enough to be handy and yet holds enough picks to have a variety of options at hand.

No better handcrafted pick on the market

I’ve been a Gravity Picks user for close to a decade and I can’t imagine playing with any other pick — there’s something unique about the material that no other pick can pull out of my guitar. I’ve gone through several styles of picks, but I find Stealth hits the right balance of tactile surface area to pick size for my purposes.

Brandon Cambridge
My favourite picks

Absolutely love these picks! They feel great, play great and look great. The additional touch of being able to basically have your own signature picks thanks to the custom shop is something I could have only dreamed about as a young guitarist. Check them out if you haven’t yet!

Ein großartiges Pick

Ich spiele das Razor 3mm mit den unpolierten Kanten. Mit diesem Pick spiele ich deutlich präziser und irgendwie auch schneller. Durch die angeraute Kante wird die Saite wie bei einem Geigenbogen schon vor dem Attack in Schwingung gebracht. Das fühlt sich sehr schnell an. Durch das Material halten sie natürlich auch deutlich länger. Also ein Top Pick das ich sehr empfehlen kann.

Consistently great quality

I’ve been a Jazz III player for a long time and I find that the Sunrise always gives me that little bit extra when I need it. And the feel is great with either edge option. Love the custom shop options for engraving as well. Makes the perfect gift.