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Victor Gómez
quality in all aspects

Love this picks!! Great work. Happy to order them

Gold Picks XL
Martin Zavala

Shipped promptly. Great service.


Love Gravity picks!

Love Gravity picks!

Surpassed Expectations!

I’m thoroughly addicted to master finish (unpolished) gravity picks so when it came time to restock I decided to spring for the extra $10 to add my custom logo. The picks came back looking fantastic, and turnaround was super fast for a custom product (sadly, wait times of months or even years have become the norm for customized music gear these days). 1000% happy with my purchase!

The journey continues....

So after using the 4mm Big Mini Striker and then the Stealth ( As I thought the 3 pointy corners wiould give me a longer life), I ordered some Standard 4mm Tripp that were on offer. As suspected, Standard is too big for my liking, but the Tripp? VERY COOL!! 3 different corners?? Friggin GENIUS!! Next order : 4mm Big Mini Tripp for sure.

Acrylic Picks Standard Single

Love these picks

Some of the best picks ive ever used

Favourite Picks

These are my favourite picks. Very wear resistant

Acrylic Picks Standard Elipse
GuitarmanDan Phillips

the Stealth Standard 3mm w/ 20% larger ellipse hole is the absolute best pick I've ever used. I had no idea in 50 yrs of playing that a pick could influence tone to such a degree. Try one and A/B w/ your other picks-you'll see!


son mis favoritas se convirtieron en parte de mi sonido

Top quality as always

Have played exclusively Gravity picks for at least a decade, and don’t plan on changing anytime soon.

Vince Marcopoli
Colored Gold Picks Are AWESOME!!

I finally decided to try Gravity picks and an so glad I did. I'm more of a traditional pick shape guy so I first ordered the new Colored Gold series pick, .77 mm for my acoustic playing - I'm particular about how my picks respond to strumming. The more I use it the more I loved it! It's not as grippy as the acrylic picks but the sound is wonderful. The material and texture of the Colored Gold picks really bring out the tone of your instrument. I've also discovered this pick is great for jazz playing on my archtop. It brings out the delicate tones wonderfully. I was so happy with this pick I ordered a 1 mm size for my electric rock duties. Once again, it totally impressed me in this very different context. The notes just seem to jump out of the guitar better for both solos and rhythm playing. Needless to say I'm a huge fan of these picks! Kudos to Gravity picks for these great innovative picks and the lower price point compared to the original Gold Series.

Acrylic Picks Standard Multi
Lars Gunnar R Olsen
The only pick I use

Well worth the cost. Lasts a long time, excellent tone and feel


These picks rock! They all have their unique producing tone.

James Bowman
Custom order shipped same day!!!

I’d heard about Gravity picks a few years ago, but ultimately fell in love when one was included with a JHS pedal. (Hope that strategic partnership is still in place, as it worked on me!)

Long story short, I submitted a logo that I cropped myself using MS Paint. I was expecting a little back and forth, as most graphic design work requires a proof to be signed off. It blew my mind when I was notified of my order being shipped on the same day. I was further astounded when it arrived the next day!!! (Granted, I don’t live very far away, but still….)

To say I’m a satisfied customer is an understatement. This was an exceptional experience, and I’ll definitely be back for more!

Never going back!

It’s a story that’s most likely happened many times before, I was sitting with my guitar looking around my desk for a pick only to find the gravity pick included with one of my JHS pedals. I was immediately blown away with the tone and control it brought and went straight to google and ordered a few more of my own! I never thought a pick could bring my guitar, a 52 ES150 with .12 flats to a new level. Instant volume and clarity! Cheers Gravity!

the best!

these are the best picks out there.

Acrylic Picks Standard Elipse
Sveinn Ríkarður Jóelsson
Just great

Large enough for me to control depth, hard enough to control speed, and seem extremely durable. Different sides seem to have a slightly different bite, on some of them (different dominant direction when polishing?), when new but that evens out quickly with playing.

Great picks

Who doesn’t love a glow green plectrum ✅

Best picks out there!

Can’t beat Gravity, both in quality and customer service. Caught a flash sale on one of my favorite shapes/sizes and they were in my mailbox in 2 days. Thank you!

Tim Lockman
Feels great, sounds great

I got one of these as a bonus when I ordered some JHS signature picks and had to order some more. They feel and sound great, especially for picking arpeggios and such. Great value!

Acrylic Picks Standard None


Took a long time to get. But definitely better than other picks. I prefer to striker speed bevels for fast fusion or shred. Great picks

Acrylic Picks Big Mini Multi