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The 003 is a jazz size, small guitar pick  |   .86″ wide, .98" tall, 1.5mm thick
The 003 XL is just a little bigger than the 003.   |   .98″ wide, 1.13" tall, 1.5mm thick

Yes, this pick is the same size and shape as the one it looks like.

Customer Reviews

Based on 42 reviews
Ahmed Kanna
Brst picks ever

The best picks I’ve ever played (20+ years experience). Thanks!

Daniel Housley
Possible holy grail?

Got a few different styles of Gravity’s offerings recently. I was surprised to find the 003XL to be my favorite among them. I’ve struggled for years to find a pick that feels natural and easy to play. I dig in hard so slipping is a big issue, and traditionally I have to work hard to hold pick position. The size and feel of the 003xl suit my style almost perfect, I’m not working as hard, and it helped bring out the upper mids and highs which was exactly what I’ve been searching for. I’m seriously impressed!

Basil Halupke

Unbelievable tone & accuracy. Not to mention you’ll lose them before you ever wear them down…

Duncan McLore
I Love It

great for lead work hits the spot

Sergio Licea
More than a pick, it’s new gear

Instantly became my new favorite pick. Playing single lines a lot cleaner, faster and with a softer touch. Changed my approach to playing and inspired an exploration of new scales. I’ve tried a ton of picks both cheaper and more expensive, this one transcends a mere pick in the same way that a guitar pedal becomes more of an instrument than just another tool. Highly recommended!