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Packaged Deals

Packaged Deals

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These are the Package Deals. This is an opportunity to check out different variations to help you choose what might be the best pick for you. Also, it is quite fun to try different plectrums (picks) back to back to back. Each Pack comes with EIGHT (8) Picks.

You may request a certain model or models. For example, if you would like it to include all Sunrise or just Classic and Razer, write that in the comments section during checkout.

Customer Reviews

Based on 33 reviews
Yella P.
Memphis’ Own Yella P.

Great pics feels good in my hands and they look beautiful!

Daniel Jennings

Love them nic3 and thick

Sveinn Ríkarður Jóelsson
Great package, love it.

Nice case and a good variety of picks to try. It really did help me navigate the picking space and choose what is best for me, and the conclusion did surprise me a little, would recommend to anyone interested in hard picks.

Scott Benkert

Packaged Deals

Robert Richards
Excellent deal!

The package deal was a great way to sample several Gravity picks. It allowed me to determine which picks work for me and the cost was very reasonable.