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Thin Picks

Thin Picks

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There are 10 variations.  Available as a 1-pack, 3-pack, 10-pack or 25-pack.

Classic Standard .60mm
Classic Standard .77mm
Classic Standard .90mm
Classic Standard 1.10mm
Sunrise Standard .90mm
Sunrise Standard 1.10mm
Razer Standard .90mm
Razer Standard 1.10mm
Stealth Standard .90mm
Stealth Standard 1.10mm

Customer Reviews

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Marty M.
Thin Picks

Great picks. I use the thicker picks with my electric guitars. I like the thinner ones for acoustic.

Dean P
Thin picks are a winner!

I have been using the standard 1.5 classic (polished and unpolished edges) I love their tone and clarity for single note and arpeggio work. I was missing however the percussive quality with involved strumming rhythm parts on my acoustic. Not anymore as the thinner pick work great and give a consistent tone. For me, I found the .9 mm to be perfect for acoustic rhythm parts. Now I keep a .9 and 1.5 close by on my stand and I am all set.

Terrel Bailey

Thin Picks

Brian Gorman
My Favorite Picks

The Gravity Classic Thin Pick (0.60”) is by far my favorite pick. Being as thin as it is, it is amazing how well it seems to “cut through” the strings. Hard to explain really. It gives me a sense of feeling the strings I don’t get from thick picks.
If only it came in a Jazz III size!

Leon Williams