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Christian Pedersen
World class picks - world class service

I’ve been playing with Gravity’s Acrylic Custom Shop picks for going on 5 years now, and I can honestly say that both the picks and Gravity’s customer service are just the best - well worth the price. I wholeheartedly recommend them.

David Hollingshead
Will buy again

I never understood when I started playing guitar how much difference a pick could make until I bought my first Gravity set. Immediately played better and felt a much better connection with my guitar. They are expensive compared to guitar shop packs but they last so much longer. My pick of choice is the green 2mm XL Razer with round hole and master finish. Absolutely phenomenal customer service as well. Gravity has reached out by text, call, and email when they thought I had misspelled what text I wanted on my picks to confirm and an issue when they didn't have the color I wanted. I will not buy picks anywhere else. If I had to say anything negative it would be that I only wish I could get purple and pink picks. Thank you Gravity for being awesome!

I love these picks

The picks provide more control and better tone. Grabs the string without slipping and yet also releases. Punchy bass and sparkling trebles. Perfect.


I find myself gradually moving towards thicker picks, and the 2mm speed bevels are killer. I ordered a 3mm standard out of curiosity, and now I find myself using it more and more. I’ll definitely be ordering more 3mm’s soon, and probably a 4mm just because, why not.

The striker shape in standard size I find perfect. The speed bevels are cool too. The picks already broken in for you.

Order any, and many of these picks in all different sizes and thicknesses. You will not be disappointed. The acrylic material makes a huge difference on your guitar tone. I like it.

Justin Bickers
My favorite pick

I would’ve never guessed that I would ever use this thick of a pick, but here we are. After buying my first JHS pedal, I just sat this pick that came along with it aside. I eventually tried it out…and haven’t looked back. It’s the only pick I’ll use now. The feel and attack are just perfect for me.

Thomas A Williamson
Incredible Picks!

I've been playing for 38 years, and had never given any consideration that what pick I used could change my tone. I wasn't searching when I found Gravity picks. I just happened to use the one that came with my JHS pedal. I thought 1.5mm would be too thick for me, as I had settled on .73 until then, but it was extremely comfortable and I could actually hear the difference through my amp. I had to look a their website and look into getting some more so I could make the switch to using them exclusively. As a big Van Halen fan, I was really excited to see they had the 'Stripes" picks and they were in the size and shape that I liked. I would recommend this pick be in anyone's guitar case.

Not a gimmick…

These things changed everything for me. I’ve been paying over 30 years professionally. Work with a lot of national acts and when I got a hold of these pics, I couldn’t turn back. They’re more articulate and consistent than I’ve ever used before. I absolutely love them.


Great feeling picks. Was worried they wouldn't be grippy enough but the text on the pick gives just enough grip.

Acrylic Picks Mini Elipse

Acrylic Picks XL None
Dylan Kendrick
gravity picks

Perfect shape! These are the picks I've been searching for for years.

I have been a fan of these picks for many years now, and they never fail to disappoint. Acrylic really gives you a bright snappy tone.

Rob Natoli
Gravity JHS picks

I love these picks. great feel and great tone!

LOVE these

Great picks. Really well made; high quality.

Ryan Danley

I have used a lot of picks but these picks have changed my tone for the better. They give a nice attack to the front end of the string pluck.
It is something I haven’t been able to get from other picks.

Lee S
One pick in pack broken.

I really liked the JHS pick so I ordered 6 from you. One pick was broken in two pieces. I sent you a pic and left a VMS. No response as yet.


The pointed standard pics are wicked

Pleasantly surprised!

I ordered one pick with the multi hole grip, just to try it.

I wasn't expecting much from it upon ordering, but OH MY GOD the grip helps soo much! And it is SSSOOOO comfortable in your fingers!

I will need to order more with the multi hole grip in the future 100%. Haven't had any issues with losing grip on this pick, and that is an issue I've had with most. Gravity picks are also INCREDIBLY durable and the extra thickness gives you a nice feeling of presence in your hand. Glide off the string super smooth, and have a great tone.

Out standing Picks

This picks sound and feel the best i have ever had.

Gold Picks Standard
Adam Colyer
I love Gold!

Gravity Gold picks (I actually changed to Big Mini from Standard) are the nicest picks I have and my favorite picks to play!

Display Case
Brad Kirkland
Beyond gnarly

Everything was seriously gnarly.

Joey Serrapede
The search is over

Finally. Thank you. I have been searching for a long time!!! ❤️🎸🙏🏻🎶🚀

Best picks keep getting better

I've spent hundreds of dollars on custom picks over the years. I use Graviy picks almost exclusively as there is great variety for different uses and moods.

Gold Picks Standard
Albert Vila
Gravity Tripp Gold rules!

This pick is indestructible; I usually wear picks down quickly - not anymore. Also gives me a deeper tone; I bought 1.5mm and that’s the sweet spot for me. I love the bevelled edges. I’m not interested in other picks anymore; it’s Gravity all the way from now on.

New favorite

I've used the same picks since I started playing 21 years ago. I was given an assortment of gravity picks with a recent purchase, and I have a new favorite pick. The classic standard and the sunrise standard both feel amazing. They don't slip and they naturally stay right where I want them to be. Good job Gravity, amazing product!!

So Many great picks!

It was supper cool to try a variety of picks in different shapes sizes. The sunrise is my favorite multipurpose pick, but, I was very surprised how much I liked some of the other shapes and sizes! It is always nice to have options when it comes to tone and feel!