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Very smooth with a great sound. Nice feel and a great grip.

Big and smooth

I’m using it on a 12 string, it gives great leverage.

out of this world

Striker picks with the beveled edge are amazing and easy to adapt to. Helped me increase my speed in playing guitar. I liked the 6 mm and the 4 mm.

Striker | Speed Bevels
Jason Sturgill

Striker | Speed Bevels

I like ‘em!

If you think Gravity Picks are great wait until you try them with speed bevels!



Acrylic Picks Mini Multi

Dylan Caporn
Gravity Pick Order

Play great! Look great!

My #1

I’ve used many brands, styles and compositions of picks over the years. From cheap to (very); from natural materials to synthetic. In the end the Stealth 2.0 is far and away the best pick for my fingers. The feel and the sound these deliver simply cannot be best.
Thank you Gravity for such a fine product.


Ordered a 2mm, while different than what I'm used too, these really glide easily with the shape. Even got a free 4mm! Thanks!

Striker | Speed Bevels
David Tidwell
Stellar Product great tool for better tone.

Love love love these picks I love all of them all the shapes all the sizes they all have been of upmost quality .

Acrylic Picks Big Mini Multi

A great tweak to an already excellent pick!!!

The bevel gives a faster, smoother feel and it adds a rounder, warmer tone to my playing. I loved the 4mm y’all included (many, many thanks!) and cannot wait for other models to include beveling. Thanks so much.

Best Sellers
Isaac Corrales
Great way to try a variety of picks

Been buying gravity picks for years now i wanted to try a few different kinds but didnt really know where to start. The best sellers has a wide variety and let me really try a good amount of range

Striker | Speed Bevels
William Cutrone
The new beveled strikers

I’m really impressed with the speed bevels, they look great, and they’re right where I normally wear out my picks. They have a nice smooth, worn in feel, and I can’t wait for them to be available in the other pick models👍

Striker | Speed Bevels
Timothy DiPrinzio
Great Picks..

Simply the best picks I’ve ever used…

Expressive tools

I ordered several (different thicknesses) and each elicits different energies and tones - and also an ease of moving over the strings without loosing control. I highly recommend these picks. I do wish the heaver gauge (4 and 6mm) were not so expensive.

Take with me everywhere!

There’s something indescribably magical about these picks. It’s hard to put them down, because they have this feel to them that’s just… amazing. AND they sent an extra Gold pick with my order! Can’t recommend enough!

Awesome picks

I have been playing with these for a few weeks. I really like each style of picks. I keep switching between them and actually haven’t found a favorite. Both styles are very much worth buying.

Thibaut Larcher
Very good pick, very bad surprise from customs

This pick with the Jazz III size is a very good one but I was very disappointed as I received my pick with heavy additional custom duties. I live in France but it is the first time I have to pay such an amount !

The best picks you can get.

I use 1.5mm classic pointed acrylics. I haven't bought a guitar pick from another company in years. They even make 'em extra sharp for me which is always appreciated.

Thin Picks
Laurence Zaitschek
Great gift

They were a gift but the recipient is very happy😁

Striker | Speed Bevels
Corey Mineard
Impressed with the new speed bevel

I have played using Gravity picks and other brands, but I always come back to Gravity picks.
I tried the new speed bevels immediately after seeing the Facebook post.
Ordered a 2mm, and they included a 3mm.
Ordered a 3mm, they threw in a 4mm!
They sound great, and never wear out!


Fine products

Surprisingly good!!!

Been trying different picks for years now, gravity is the best I’ve tried so far. I never thought such a thick pick could be so smooth! 1.5 classic big mini and the two red jazz were my favorite, I say were because I lost them the first time I left the house with them. Really really good job gravity,best of the best IMHO!