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Gravity Picks: Variety Pack
Anthony Gemignani
The best picks I have ever found

I have been playing guitar professionally since I was 16. I am 52 now and I have only changed picks 2 times in my guitar life. Gravity was one of those times. I used the standard 1.5 and it has helped me with accuracy and execution as well as never slipping out of my hands while playing and touring internationally with Janet Gardner(Vixen). I play bass with her but I still use Gravity for that gig as well. Do yourself a favor and at least check the picks out. It may change your life like it did mine.
Anthony G.
Moxy Guitars
Allstar Music Empire
Flemington Guitar Shop


I have a 1.5 sunrise standard in luminescent Lime Green that I bought at least 10 years ago and play almost daily.
I hope it outlives me. It is my all-time favorite pick - wish you still had that color/thickness. I think I paid $5.00 for it at a guitar show in Spartanburg SC.

Love the Texture

I really enjoy this pick. For me, it's just the right thickness and I love the texture that the unpolished edges add to my playing!


Mis púas definitivas. Un agarre sorprendentemente fuerte, facilitan la ejecución y ofrecen un tono, definición de las notas y una sensación de precisión impresionantes.

Amazing Picks !!

These picks are fantastic !! They are easy to hold, very light, nice colors, perfect size and comfortable !! They make awesome sound and great harmonics !!

Excellent Bass Picks

I'm loving the tone that I'm getting with these 3mm picks!
I've tried some extra large picks from other companies and they just do not sound like the Gravity acrylics. I like the Stealth shape in both standard and XL; the XL feels a little better in my hand.
I've been using 2, 3, and 4mm Gravity Stealths and the 3mm seems to be my favorite for all around playing. They're all great, though.
These are fantastic, seriously. I recommend everyone try them.


I tried the normal ones before…but not the unpolished! I like these best, and yeah they are a bit pricey. But very much worth it and the only picks I use. Before these I didn’t really use a pick for 25 years. These just felt like a natural extension and hooked me! I ordered one of each, but will be ordering more of the Unpolished ones.

Sunrise mini 2mm

Love these, they've been my go to picks for years.
The sharp edge is great for harmonics and attack, and the grip holes are a must for my sweaty ass hands!

Jory Carlin
JHS Picks

These picks are great! I never thought I would be telling people about the picks I use or that’d I would care about the picks I use, but these Gravity JHS picks are so good that I don’t want to use anything else


Me encantan las púas modelo Gravity Big Mini 1´5mm, ofrecen un gran tono, un agarre fuerte y facilitan la ejecución de manera sorprendente.
Además de unos colores muy vistosos. Los diferentes colores según mis oídos ofrecen diferentes matices sonoros, todos estupendos.
El modelo Gold debido entiendo al material utilizado tienen una proyección del sonido y un tono impresionantes.
Mis púas para siempre, ahora sueno mejor que nunca.

Big mini the “pick” of the litter

I really enjoy using the Big Mini. Great tone and easy to strum or pick on both my acoustics and electrics . Definitely my first choice

If you prefer a rigid pick that has a great grip this is it!

I am a former Jazz sized pick player. I like the triple point of the big mini and the various center hole options really allow me to fine tune my grip comfort. It’s like designing a custom pick.

William Burke
The best picks I’ve ever used

I love gravity picks, I was introduced to them through buying a jhs pedal and it came in the box. I started using it months after I got the pedal then ordered a variety pack. Since then I’ve only used gravity picks, I prefer the 1.5 size. They’re much brighter in the attack and they don’t wear out your strings as much as you would think. They really pull the most clean bright and clear sound out of your strings. They also do not dull out like most picks do. I’m a lifer!!

Striker | Speed Bevels
Julio Barreales
Great as usual.

Happy to find that the speed bevels are on all 3 corners. Smooth stuff.

I shouldn’t be surprised….

…a few of my well respected friends have raved about these picks, but it wasn’t until I got a freebie in a JHS effects box that I really understood them. I think I found my sound with the master edge

An awesome case

The case has plenty of headroom for some larger pick sizes that I have. The black felt is good, feels nice against your fingertips. The slots have the right amount of length and width and depth, for all my picks to fit snugly.
The black color of the felt really shows up any lint on it. So you have to keep it wiped down often.
The case lid is a plastic cover with thin metal binding around it, along with the name of the company “Gravity Picks”. It does the job but does get static build up and collects dust easily. It really could use stiffer arms for holding open.
All in all I do think it was worth the price, and very satisfied with the product. I have almost used up all the 100 slots 😂. 90% all Gravity Picks 👍🏼

Nice shape and size

Was not sure about the thickness but these are very comfortable and glide over the strings

Worth the $

Plays great and lasts forever as long as you don’t lose them!

Display Case
Dave Sarcopski
Display Case

Great quality and design. It catches everyone’s eye when they walk in the room

They never arrived

Fantastic Picks

Love acrylic pointy picks. Wanted one that was a tiny bit smaller than the one I was using. Found Gravity picks and ordered a Stealth big mini, 3mm with the master finish. Pretty much perfect for me and it's wearing slower than my previous picks. Will Definity be ordering more in the future.

Gold Picks Mini
Mark Pearson
Gold gravity pick

I am on a search for the best pick for me. This one is still in my top four.

Love These Picks!

Perfect solution for an older player dealing with arthritis. The thickness allows easier holding pressure, and the tactile qualities of the material make for a sure grip.

Thin Picks
Ronald Kramer
Best Pick

These are the best picks I ever used but watch out, these guys are sneaky! I ordered classic standard and they included a free Stealth sample which I like even better and had to order those as well.

Acrylic Picks Big Mini None