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Nattapon Katekamon
Great !!

Best of the best !!

Thin Picks
Still waiting...

I'm sure the picks are good, but to be sure and give my feedback, I'd have to get them first. The order was made on April 21, and I'm still waiting...

Perfect Custom Job

Discovered these picks through JHS pedals and fell in love. Wanted a set in green with custom art and they nailed it. Stoked with the end result!

Wayne “ DEMAT “ DeMatthews Jr
Custom shop acrylic picks

Outstanding picks. The only picks I use are gravity custom shop picks. Fast shipping, and great customer service.

Gravity picks

What can I say , I love em!

The Gravity Gold colored 1.0mm are the best

I started a search for a pick with the least amount of "click" I could find. I hated the clicking that went along with almost every pick I had ever tried, including the vaunted Blue Chip. I tried this variety pack since it had a pretty decent cross section of their product line. After going through them all, none of them were BAD but the Gold series were noticeably less "clicky" than the others. After lots of experimentation I have finally settled on the Gold colored series 1.0mm as the best pick for me. Good warm tone, least clicky and overall most satisfying pick I have found after trying all the big names over the years. Better than a Blue Chip and 1/4th the cost. Although I did not keep most of the pack for my actual playing usage it was worth the money to get to try them all out and discover the 1.0mm Gold series which has now become the only pick I play. There may be something better out there but I cannot imagine what it may be as I have tried everything under the sun.

Best Picks Ever

I have numerous picks made by Dunlop, Dava, Planet Wave and more and nothing beats Gravity. Even a jazz 3, which is absolutely great is no match IMHO to some of the picks on the Gravity lineup.


Acrylic Picks XL Elipse
Anthony Sheffield
Wonderful picks

I cant imagine using any other pick although i do plan to try out some different sizes. Great release on the strings

Display Case
Brian Hsieh
Beautiful Case

Case was backordered which took awhile but every time I reached out to customer service they had timely responses. An email was sent to inform me it came back in stock and within the day a shipping email was sent as well. Really beautiful case to display my pick collection!

Great picks!!!

I love the .75 Gravity Gold Series Picks. I think they're great!!!

The Only Picks I'll Use

I've been using Gravity picks for 5+ years at this point, and I'll never go back. I bought my first Sunrise 3mms like 5 years ago and wore the tips down to nothing. You try keeping a normal pick around for 5 years haha. I love these things.

Great Quality

I had some shipping issues with the order but the sales representatives were quick to sort me out. I was delivered a high quality product that exceeded my expectations.




Upon first glance, thought they’d be a tad too small but once I started playing with them, they instantly became my new favorite. Sturdy and precise. The array of small holes provides the perfect amount of grip.

Best pick for bass

I got the 6mm XL with the elipse and it is the best pick for bass (for me - I have huge hands). I’ve spent far too much money on picks finding the champion, and this is it.


Gravity picks did it right. Fantastic action and no slip in the fingers. Thanks guys!

Great picks

They're great picks - good volume, clarity AND warmth. This was a reorder! I use them on my dreadnoughts, OM and amplified archtops.

James Budlong
Razor picks rock

I love Gravity razor picks mainly because they don’t move in my fingers and they give my playing great feel

Acrylic Picks Standard Elipse

The only picks for me.

My teacher introduced me to inflexible picks many moons ago. These are just the best and I have tried them all…

amazing sound

i got this with an acrylic pick i purchased and very grateful for this bonus. some of the best picks i have ever used.

Great Product, Unfortunate Pricing

These are really good picks. The selection of shapes and thicknesses is unmatched. But as other companies start to offer similar products with comparable size selections at a considerably lower price, it might be time to start altering your pricing. I just can't afford to keep buying $9 guitar picks when a 70 cent version is available.

The best picks you can buy, and worth every cent.

I hit 40 years as a guitarist this year, and only now have I discovered just how important it is to choose the best pick. It's like the difference between cutting with a scalpel vs. a butter knife. If you want to play with precision, you need a precision conduit between you and your instrument. It's that simple.

Clovis Trouille

Well I bought a few for a gift, and kept a couple for myself. 4 months on and I'm hooked. I've just bought a supply that ought to last a while. Worth the $$$ no doubt in my mind.

Acrylic Picks XL None
Daniel Pitchard

I've acquired unprecedented speed and accuracy with the 6mm Classic XL Acrylic Picks. Kudos to Gravity Picks!! Thanks Chris!