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This is the official JHS logo’d Gravity Pick.

One of these comes with each JHS pedal!

There are two variations.  Polished and Unpolished.

Either version can be included with your pedal purchase.

This is a Classic Standard 1.5mm.


Customer Reviews

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Great for bass

I play guitar a good amount, but am primarily a bassist. I got a few of these when I bought JHS pedals for my regular guitar rig, and really liked using them on guitar. Became my favorite pick, and I bought about 20 when there was a sale.

In 25+ year of playing bass, I almost exclusively played finger style (even when covering picked bass lines). I recently decided I needed to start using a pick on a few covers my band plays, to sound more authentic and give my fingers/forarns a break. I naturally grabbed my favorite pick. I had never liked using pics before on bass because I felt less connected to the bass and couldn’t be as dynamic and expressive. This pick feels thick, but soft, yet also smooth. You can really dig in due to the thickness. But the softness of the pick keeps it from sounding like your hitting/scraping the string. It has a slightly warmer attack versus most picks, which is great for cranking the overdrive without sounding clanky or shrill. The polished bevel versions slide off the string, providing a super clean release. The unpolished bevels add a little friction if you turn them into the string a little, which can also be cool. I like having both, but use the polished a little more.

Lastly, I sometimes like to turn this pick 120 degrees in my hand and hold it “sideways”. It gives me a more
leveraged grip on the pick, holding the slightly longer end meant for picking in my fingers as I would normally hold one of the other corners. And then I have a thicker/wider corner to attach the strings, albeit with a little less depth. It’s another option for me in terms of sound/feel.

Because I am relatively new to regularly using a pick… I have been paying a lot of attention to it so
I can do it well. But I wouldn’t want to use any other pick on my bass at this point, and I honestly don’t think I would sound as good (or as confident) with another pick… which is something I never thought I would say about any pick.

Diogo Peixoto


Justin Bickers
My favorite pick

I would’ve never guessed that I would ever use this thick of a pick, but here we are. After buying my first JHS pedal, I just sat this pick that came along with it aside. I eventually tried it out…and haven’t looked back. It’s the only pick I’ll use now. The feel and attack are just perfect for me.

Rob Natoli
Gravity JHS picks

I love these picks. great feel and great tone!

LOVE these

Great picks. Really well made; high quality.