Thin Picks

Thin Picks

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There are 10 variations.  Available as a 1-pack, 3-pack, 10-pack or 25-pack.

Classic Standard .60mm
Classic Standard .77mm
Classic Standard .90mm
Classic Standard 1.10mm
Sunrise Standard .90mm
Sunrise Standard 1.10mm
Razer Standard .90mm
Razer Standard 1.10mm
Stealth Standard .90mm
Stealth Standard 1.10mm

Customer Reviews

Based on 41 reviews
Sean Sutherland
Gravity picks and irish tenor banjo

I have found these picks to produce a nice bright tone while retaining a good amount of maneuverability.

James Wardle
Thin picks good for strumming acoustic, or anything really

Picked up some thin wide picks - they seem to get a nice sound from my acoustic and my Tele(s). A little too much plastic for note playing but nice to just strum

Victor Osoro Fuente
The best picks ever

After using all kind of brands , I use Gravity picks because they are the picks that give me more touch safety

François Defresne
Best pick of the universe?

Amazing product! (Although I still love my flimsy .50 Dunlop Tortex 😝 I know I know...)

Francois Roland
Can’t use other picks anymore

I got a variety pack a little while ago to see what the fuss was about. Now I can’t use other picks anymore. Thank you very much for that. I now have a mountain of unused Dunlop / fender and other brands of picks.

Fast shipping, a bit expensive but they’re worth it.