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Levon Sultanian

Although I'm used to the classic feel most, the Stealth & Sunrise seems to be feeling interesting and comfy as well. Does it come in .88? Also diggin' the Classic 1.10 & 1.5 picks. The Tripp Pick seems to be a trip but if there's one in a .88 or 1.10 I'd love to give that a shot. Overall all your picks in the bundle I ordered are pretty sick! I'd like to put in an order for more pics with my name/band insignia name/etc. Thank you! Levon Sultanian / Onesidezero

Gold Series - Classic

Aside from using materials like steel or stone, I was never convinced that the type of pick one used could affect the tone of the guitar. Gravity picks changed that. The Gold Series Striker (1.5mm) is by far the best pick I've used both because of how much better my guitar sounds and also how much easier it is to play with. Worth every single penny!!!

Jordan Brown
Rob Chapman Signature Plectrum

Awesome picks. Super durable and barely wares down even with a year of playing. Absolutely no flex and feels nice in the hand.

Marco Ravera
Acrylic Custom Shop - Classic Pointed


Noah Fitzell
Acrylic Picks - Classic

Picking up a gravity guitar pick for the first time feels like picking up an oatmeal raisin cookie only to realize that its actually chocolate chip! Playing a gravity guitar pick versus a cheap pick is like spreading nice soft butter on your toast versus cold hard butter. Never going back to cheap dunlop guitar picks ever again!!