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Welcome to the Gravity Picks Acrylic Custom Shop. You are able to mix and match everything from size to color to thickness and much more for every model!! There are over 50,000 possible combinations. Good luck and Godspeed. CUSTOM TEXT or IMAGE NOW AVAILABLE.


There is a minimum of 4 picks for the Custom Shop.

The images are examples of custom shop orders.

Customer Reviews

Based on 31 reviews
Brett Funk
Gravity Acrylic Picks CHANGED MY LIFE!

I'm a 40 year player, and a 30 year full time guitar instructor. I've made every penny since college with a guitar in my hands. In spite of all that time and experience, I NEVER gave the conduit between the human and the guitar enough investigation or credit.

I've played Dunlop Tortex picks since day one. I started with the thin red one, then moved up to the orange one, and then about the 10 year mark I settled in on the .73mm yellow one. They worked fine for me.

Then my buddy hands me a 1.5 Razer Standard with no holes, master finish, (unpolished). I said to him, "I don't even like 1mm picks, and can't imagine I'll like this". Then something magical happened.

I realized that I had been trying to do brain surgery with a butter knife for 40 years.

OMG!!!!!! This pick is like a precision scalpel. It's beyond belief.

I will endorse it. I want my own signature model. :D


1. The fine tip and filed edges have brought back 25 years of speed, articulation, and accuracy that I have lost over that time, simply from aging. I can actually play some Vinnie Moore tunes at full speed again. I thought those days were gone for sure.

2. The acrylic sticks to my fingers perfectly. It feels so solid in my grip without any added squeeze and it doesn't move, at all.

3. The tone is unreal. It's crisp and very balanced across the strings. Everything just got "cleaner"!

4. All my picking techniques work at an elevated level because of the precision of the tool in my hand.

5. I honestly don't see myself playing a different pick that this until my dirt nap.


They are expensive, but they are handmade and worth every penny. I own 2 display boxes of 30 each. Not cheap, but they are so sweet!

I can wear one out in two weeks. Mind you, that's 40 hours of solid play time, but it looses a bit of the precision tip and the master finish smooths out to feel more like a gloss pick. Even then it's still the best pick I've ever used. But I need to learn to use a file and reshape a pick back to it's original master finish.

Perhaps I'll beg a lesson from the master finisher.

Bottom line: Just get some, and if you're an experience player, you will feel a complete difference. The guitar will become more of an extension of yourself than you've felt before, and you will play better. I'm absolutely certain of this.

I've discovered that having the right pick is possibly the most import part of the signal chain from my brain to the speaker.

I don't know what else I can say. Think of what you've invested in gear, and then buy pro level picks to match. It seems so simple, but I missed it for decades.

Find the pick that most resembles what you currently use, and order some different thicknesses of the Gravity Acrylic picks. You'll realize that the thickness doesn't really matter as much as you'd expect. This is because regardless of the pick's thickness, the fine point that connects with the string "feels the same".

Remember, Razer 1.5 - Standard - No Holes - Master Finish (unpolished). I like the 2.0mm version as well.

And there you have it.

Thanks to the Gravity folks for such a life changing discovery.

You've made an old shredder better.

Ryan Hurst
Custom Razor review

The picks were perfect! Absolutely gorgeous! The feel ws nice and smooth. The custom logo was exactly what I wanted. All specs were correct as that's what I ordered. But I would like to place another order in the future as what I was goin for, was something closer (or basically, the same) to the Rob Chapman signature one!! I love the feel of that pick. And would love the same, but with my custom logo and in different colours!

Chris DeNamur
Awesome Picks

I accidently ordered the Mini Razers with custom engraving, well my mistake turned out to a blessing in disguise! I really love these little minis and they are my new favor picks!! The fact that I was also able to customize them with my logo makes them that much cooler! Thanks!


In my case the BEST Pick!

Jonathan Gard
Love it

I love it Does your point is more attack