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Sandra Cameron
Delivery Service Unbelievably Terrible

I have NOT received the Gravity Picks as yet. Where are they????

Blake Sanders
Fantastic custom picks

I’d heard good things about Gravity picks, so bought one from Andertons in the UK. Classic standard 1.5mm master finish. I realised that all the things I had heard where true, great pick attach and articulation, and a really great feel, that suits my electric playing style perfectly. I went to order some more from the offical website and saw they did custom graphics, so couldn’t resist getting some with the Desperdos logo on (check us out on your socials @TheDesperadosUK ) These picks seem like they will last forever, BUT I when I need more, I’ll definitely be getting Gravity!

Fabiano Veronesi
Just perfect!

Had the chance to test one, immediately wanted some of your picks! Arrived fairly quickly considering I am in Milano-Italy. Will buy again even considering that gravity picks are very durable. Thank you again.

James Lee Haywood

After a few years of using the sunrise mini 3mm, I purchases a mix bag of mini picks between 1.5mm and 2mm. After a lot of back and forth I have found that the 003 in 2mm is the absolute king. The tone, feel and attack is perfect. Thank you gravity.

Not You
Best picks ever

The ability to design my own pick has cemented Gravity picks as the only pick for me. It is the secret sauce in my tone.