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These are the Package Deals. This is an opportunity to check out different variations to help you choose what might be the best pick for you. Also, it is quite fun to try different plectrums (picks) back to back to back. Each Pack comes with EIGHT (8) Picks.

You may request a certain model or models. For example, if you would like it to include all Sunrise or just Classic and Razer, write that in the comments section during checkout.

Customer Reviews

Based on 23 reviews
Matt Funamura
My Desert-Island Pick

I’ve been using thick acrylic picks for almost 20 years now and started using the Stealth Standard 3mm with unbuffed bevels for the last 7 or so years. I can’t imagine playing without them anymore.

Eric Kiisel
Still have not received, ordered 2 weeks ago.

Paid for these picks 2 weeks ago and still have not received.

Brad H
Great Picks!

Picks arrived after some delay - USPS didn't provide tracking info to Canada Post, so I wasn't sure where they were - but they arrived, and so far have played beautifully. Well worth the investment, for a bedroom picker like me!

Rick K
Who Cares What Pick I Use?

Until now, I had never thought about how a pick can affect my playing and it's embarrassing to admit it. I chose "Big Mini up to 3mm Only" to evaluate different shapes, finishes, and thicknesses. Words can't capture how much I learned from this purchase and how valuable that information is to me. I am completing a 30-day evaluation now and will be ordering the best performing one. I am impressed with the characteristics and options of Gravity Guitar Picks!

nick eldering
Really fun way to try new picks

I was interested in getting some fancy picks and didn't know what shapes to try. I've definitely prefered some over others but each is fun